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What's your favourite scary movie?

Hello from Darrell!

Writer, editor, host of the regular 'Fright Club' screenings at Derby QUAD, experienced interviewer, lecturer  - and someone who has been watching far too many movies for far too long, from the great days of the cinema double-bill to the modern torrenting/streaming era. You may know me from The Festival of Fantastic Films (Manchester), HorrorCon UK (Sheffield), Horror-on-Sea (Southend), Paracinema (Derby), Fantastiq (Derby), The Gothique Film Society (London) or many other festivals and special events I've attended or worked at over the decades.

As a writer I've been published in Samhain, We Belong Dead, Giallo Pages, Shivers, The Dark Side, Infinity, Fantasynopsis, and countless other mags and fanzines. My reviews have also appeared online at British Horror Films and The Spinning Image.

My book 'The Shrieking Sixties: British Horror Films 1960-1969' was nominated in the 'best non-fiction' category at the British Fantasy Society Awards for 2011. 

I'm continuing to watch as many films as possible, at the cinema, on Blu-ray and DVD. What's my favourite scary movie? You'd be surprised...

"Darrell Buxton is an exceptional writer"

- 'The Dark Side' magazine

"A walking encyclopedia on fantastic cinema" 

- Fantastiq Festival website

"A huge thankyou to Darrell who interviewed me. He did a great job & I really appreciate his depth of research"  - Toyah Willcox

"A great presenter" - Corey Feldman

"A better authority on British horror film you'll be hard-pressed to find" - M.J. Simpson

"The Shrieking Sixties is one of the finest books we've ever published" - Gary Svelha, Midnight Marquee Press

"Darrell seems to view the great canonical film classics and anything starring Robin Askwith through the same critical lens" - Wendell McKay, 'Washtenaw Flaneurade' blog

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