Darrell is available for work in various cinema-related fields
 as noted below
Guest Interviews


Darrell is an experienced and assured interviewer, capable of working with individual guest subjects or in hosting a group/panel, in front of live audiences of any size. He will ensure all necessary research is conducted before each event, also bringing a wealth of background knowledge to the occasion. Darrell establishes that guests are at ease and comfortable, and can front any Q&A portion of a live interview in addition to moderating the initial on-stage conversation.

Lecturing and Teaching

Darrell has researched, prepared, and taught many evening classes and single session day events. Specialist subject matter includes horror, science fiction, exploitation, cult, and extreme cinema; classic animation; pop and rock music; contemporary American cinema; American cinema of the 'New Hollywood' era 1965-1985, though all subjects will be considered. Although Darrell has no formal teaching qualifications he is highly experienced in taking classes, and has worked with students of all ages, from teenagers to pensioners. He is skilled in a classroom environment and has received excellent feedback from employers and students.

Editing and Proofreading.


Darrell has edited eight books on horror movies, and is skilled in fact-checking, proofreading, and amending material submitted by contributing writers. If your project requires a full or partial edit, or if you are seeking a competent proofer for a written text or for web content  - reviews, features, articles, transcribed interviews, etc. - Darrell will consider any offers of work.



Darrell is an efficient and speedy film scriptwriter. His screenplay 'Ouijageist' (co-written with Steve Hardy) was filmed by director John Walker in 2016; the same team collaborated on short film 'The Coriolis Effect', footage from which was ultimately edited into the feature '5G Zombies' in 2020, and Darrell also contributed extensively to Owen Tooth's 2007 short 'The Opening'.

Darrell has been writing about cinema for more than thirty years and has successfully contributed to a number of publications in print and online. His work has been acclaimed by readers and fellow scribes, and he is able to meet deadlines comfortably while still delivering quality submissions.

Darrell is particularly adept at penning programme notes for use alongside film screenings, and at writing prepared and informative movie introductions, which he is then able to confidently perform before live audiences.