The British Horror Movie Index



Detailing and cataloguing the history of the British horror film, this site hopes to inform and educate, and to act as a port of call for viewers, researchers, filmmakers and anyone else who may have stumbled across a late night TV screening of Witchfinder General, paid at the box office for a double bill of The Ghoul and I Don't Want To Be Born, purchased Shaun Of The Dead on DVD, or even produced festival-aimed fare of their own.

'Pass The Marmalade' was originally established as a website in 2000 and proved popular and influential for several years - indeed, without the site there would have been no BFI Blu-ray release for the buried 1984 featurette Sleepwalker, and no publication of the award-nominated print study of 1960s screen shockers 'The Shrieking Sixties', amongst other tangential occurrences. Dormant for various reasons (technical, social, and personal) for some time, the site is now being revived in a new form, and will continue to celebrate the golden age of British horror cinema, while also acknowledging the debt owed to early pioneers, and the exciting flood of production ushered in by 21st century ease of access to moviemaking equipment and resources. 

Bear with us while the website is created anew  - this will be an ongoing process, with fresh content added frequently, but hopefully most of the basic information and title listings will be available very soon. 

Hammer addicts, Tod Slaughter devotees, make-up caked extras who spend every weekend participating in a brand new zombie shoot, all are welcome. If you appreciate a good old Home Counties scare, revel in a suburban nightmare, or can't get enough of seeing hikers trekking into a forbidding wilderness, this may well prove to be your corner of the Internet. Stay with us, and don't stray off the path.

Darrell Buxton